Merging families with Feng Shui

Are you in the process of merging families? Want to ensure that the energies are going to support that? Then we seriously need to have a conversation.

I have recently been working with a family doing just this, and it is something I am so very happy they asked me to be a part of as the integration included a renovation to include new bedrooms and all sorts.

Merging families is a big event at the best of times, but when you have to take everyone’s personalities into account, a massive change of environment, plus the effect of moving personal effects from one home to the other which can be one giant energy transfer storm, it’s a big job.

What we have done is identify, what each partner is wanting to achieve from moving in together. What their expectations are of cohabitating, bringing children together, lifestyles etc.

Ensuring that all members of the new family are going to be supported in their daily life, from working out the best supportive positions for beds, seats at the dining table and making sure that detrimental things from the past aren’t kept and brought into the space is paramount.

If you are in the process of moving to cohabitating, the get in touch. Lets make sure that the energies are bang on, so that a late moving truck is the only potential worry you might have.

Send a DM so we can chat.

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