It’s not you, it’s your house

You know, a lot of the time we tend to bumble through life, working things out as we go. We all hit road bumps along the way, but what if all of a sudden your world just starts falling apart, for no apparent reason?

It this is happening to you, or has in the past few months or years, then you could very well being living in the reason for it. Your home.

Every home has its own personality, and quirks that go along with it. You may have a house that is good for people & good for money, or bad for people bad for money, or the remaining 2 variants of it.

This personality is due to a number of factors. What year the house was built, and where the natural face is of the home and where the house sits on the land its built on.

What I love about doing personal reports is finding out what is going on for the residents of the home, and then seeing what the house is telling me. Generally it is very reflective of issues for the occupants.

For example, a client was having issues with money and also work. She was struggling to find full time employment, especially in an environment that valued loyalty above all else. She had had issues with people she worked with bringing her down, and was feeling very lost, and was in need to help.

Upon looking at her home, it was obvious what the problem was, and it certainly wasn’t her. Her home was bad for people and bad for money. This then made total sense as to why she was struggling to get ahead and live the life she wanted.

She was instructed to install “water” and “mountain” as support for her home.

Within 24 hours she had a job interview, and was offered the role on the spot. Since then a number of things had changed for her, and she has gone back to her normal bubbly self.

These issues however, had been occurring since she moved into the home 4 years earlier! No wonder she was at her wits end!

These things had absolutely nothing to do with the person. She was doing nothing wrong. It was literally her house.

My own personal experience also fits in with this. My home (prior to remedies being put in) was Bad for people, good for money. I received 2 windfalls when I first moved here, however the relationships within the home were not great. Did I have my remedies in? Yes I did, but I know that they were moved by others, and some remedies weren’t prominent enough.

What I noticed this year by putting remedies where they should be and more than what I needed, things have shifted completely for me. I have been very quickly achieving things that have been on my vision board or To Do list for years with complete ease.

So when I do a report on a home that hasn’t got a favourable personality, it makes me laugh with glee, because I can already tell that the occupants may have been having a hard time, but things are about to change in a massive way, and they have no idea how wonderful things can truly be for them.

If you have been struggling with health, money, career, relationships for no apparent reason, then get in touch. Let’s gain some clarity, give you some aha moments and watch your life go from strength to strength.

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How to set up your Office with Feng Shui

With Covid still causing havoc around the world, it has never been more important than now to have a workspace in your home that will support you and your business.

Forget working at your dining table. Take the time to find a space in your home that you can set up an office space that will create positive energy flow and encourage success.

The following are 5 tips to creating a supportive work space

Tip 1 – Desk Placement

You do not want your desk pushed up against the wall, as this represents coming up against problems that you need to overcome

You also do not want your back facing the door – this can represent things coming toward you that you are not prepared for, which can create all kinds of problems

The best place for your desk is in a position where you can see the door. You want to see what is coming toward you, and if you can also have a solid wall behind you, then you will be supported.

Tip 2 – Your Chair

Select a chair that is supportive. There is nothing worse than having a chair that is wobbly, or not suitable for your size.

Pick a chair that says you are the boss. One that has a large and supportive back on it

Tip 3 – Definition of space

Keep your space uncluttered. If you are using a space that is also being used for another purpose, ensure that you have a good definition of where your office space begins and ends.

For example, if you are sharing the space with your children’s play area, then make sure that your particular desk space is free from toys, and other superfluous items. If it is the spare room, ensure that the room does not become a dumping ground for everything in the house. Any clutter will have an energetic effect on your work, and becomes a distraction for what you are trying to achieve.

Tip 4 – Setting the room up for success

When it comes to setting up the space, ensure that it reflects an office. Put on the walls the certificates you have earnt from your trade/studies.

Some artwork to reflect growth, like a lush forest, provide an image of strength, sturdiness and success are also great ways to set an intention.

Depending on which gua your office is located, specific remedies would also be prescribed, however putting in affirmations of what you are trying t achieve would not go astray.

Tip 5 – How does it feel

Can you see in the room? Ensure that the lighting in the room is sufficient for all times of day.

Place a plant in the room to add in some living energy, add images of loved ones – remember you are wanting success to support those you love (whether it is a photo of your children, husband, wife or your animals).

You will be spending a lot of time in this space, so take the time to create something you want to be in.

In short. if you are working from home either as an employee or in your own business, it is essential that you set your work space up for success. I have first hand experienced what can happen when your back is facing the door, and let me tell you , I would not wish it on anyone.

If you are interested in learning even more then I can provide you with personalised reports on where your own perfect desk position is. We all have a power positions dependent on your trigram.

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Decluttering – it’s not set and forget

Whilst Feng Shui is a very intentional modality, we cannot deny the fact that the keeping of clutter does zero for ones mood or energy. Think about it, how good does your space feel once you have had a big purge of stuff or complete a big deep clean of your home. It just feels good.

This is something that needs to be a constant in your life. I do it all the time. Stuff builds up very quickly and if we don’t nip it in the bud straight away, then the job becomes so much bigger.

Download my fun checklist to help you get started.

Remember, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Decluttering Checklist