Why are we pushed to live life for others?

Lifestyle Design is a foreign concept for many people. We are born, die and in between expected to hit a number of milestones to achieve that perfect life. Unfortunately, this expectation is leading to some serious mental health problems and downright confusion in peoples lives.

What if we don’t want to get married, have 2.5 kids and work in a job day in/day out for little return? Why is it considered unattainable or silly to live your life by your own design and follow your own path?

I used to live in the former, a life of expectation. And I never once felt able to achieve it, because I wanted different. I didn’t however understand it at the time, I had always done things my way, but I always felt like I was just the difficult “black sheep”.

This is, until I found Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a centuries old practice, that takes the energies in your home and optimises them to create harmony, abundance, prosperity and more for those who live inside the four walls. By placing remedies into the different “Guas” which represent 9 different aspects of  your life, we form a balance that was not there previously.

Following the “rules” of this modality has changed my life beyond comprehension. I have come into significant unexpected funds (over $150,000 at last count), have sorted out health issues that have plagued me for years, dealt with any emotional baggage dwelling from my previous life of expectation, obtained jobs with ease – often been offered on the spot, its also assisted in me moving relationships on that were not in my best interest.

By using Feng Shui, and learning more about it by way of becoming a practitioner, have seen great successes from my clients lives as well; from not being able to keep a job, to finding their perfect role; to having homes on the market for way too long, to selling within weeks.

When I am asked to explain how it all works, I can’t as it is simply just magic. My life now is in complete flow. Things happen when I ask the universe to provide. The toxicity that was my life is largely gone. Money is there when I need it, helping hand whenever its required. My life has in laymans terms gone from hard work to ease.

All with the help of a compass, some metal and water.